From the marriage of beautiful plants, absinthe is born in the fields.
Limpid in its bottle, it is veiled by the caresses of water.
Its cloudiness then exhales an arpeggio of perfumes.
When fresh, it offers the connoisseur a bittersweet taste.

The absinthes of la fée des champs are distilled by hand, in Villiers in the Val de Ruz.

They are dressed with coloured touches. The water reflects the landscapes of Neuchâtel.

Watercolours and xylogravure by local artists are their ambassadors.
Aloys Perregaux, a painter from the Val de Ruz, has kindly offered to reproduce a few fragments of his work
of his work, allowing us to create our labels.
Cléa Liniger, a biologist and painter living in Villiers (NE), has imagined,
engraved on an ash paving stone, inked and then printed the sign of the field fairy

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Absinthe fountain

A Swiss handcrafted absinthe fountain.

The talents of a precision turner, blower and mechanic give birth to it.

Model presented in ash.

Bleue verte

A caress of sweetness and bitterness.
Artemis caught at its game.
Captured grand absinthe (artemisia absinthium).

Absinthe glass

Absinthe glass blown by mouth.
This beautifully made glass is inspired by the “Pontarlier” model from the end of the 19th century.

Belle bleue

The aroma of each plant is revealed in a rich bouquet, supported by a slight bitterness at the end.
A light and refreshing absinthe.

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Nous vous accueillons avec plaisir sur demande à la distillerie située à Villiers dans le Val de Ruz en Suisse.